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Here you’ll find only tiny parts of the amazing story connecting past and future, east and west, creativity and science, bringing engineers, designers, and artists together – creating the remarkable.

Dive into the amazing world of high technology, design & art!

Chapter One: 3D printing

tetra speakers, igor knezevic

T3TRA - Designer loudspeakers delivering real quality sound

The answer to the question of what can be 3D printed lays behind our co-founder Igor’s work from the past few years, and it is everything and anything.

One of his many projects is a result of collaboration with sound engineer Edin Secibovic. The two of them created 3D printed loudspeakers. The idea was to use the simplest geometric forms and to try and make all of the parts digitally, with a minimum of post-production processing. 

This portable speaker has amazing sound quality since it lacks any hard edges. The form of the speaker reduces vibration and offers an audiophile advantage. 

T3TRA speakers have a 3D printed frame. The sides are laser-cut for a perfect fit and made of natural plywood, while the SLS nylon is responsible for excellent sound distribution.

The unibody frame is practically impossible to achieve using other manufacturing methods. All of the above results in great sound for this product category. What is more, they come in 3 candy-like colors.

Igor and Edin were trying out a few ideas, but even they were surprised when some of the features worked on the first try. T3TRA speakers are affordable, produced-on-demand and easily assembled fully digitally manufactured speakers. In sound, at least, in this case, less is more!

Read more about T3TRA!

collabs, igor knezevic, tetra speakers, splitx mad, alienology
luminiscence, alienology, igor knezevic

Luminescence - sustainable design expressing beauty by its very essence

Design, innovation, and technology connected. IXISM was established by a like-minded group of individuals on a relation Los Angeles – Shenzen – Hong Kong.

The Luminescence project by IXISM aimed to understand beauty at its very essence by adopting innovative design and 3D printing in manufacturing with no environmental footprint. Igor, our co-founder, was the project’s creative director.

Luminescence lamps embody art and technology. For example, Clothoid-A Lamp (1st photo) is created by a mathematical curve formula digitally and exported for 3D printing. The resulting form is parametric and adjustable in an almost infinite number of positions.

Bloom Table Lamp (2nd photo) pays homage to nature and its rhythms. Its intriguing form is a result of rigorous exploration in using a modern manufacturing method laser-cutting and minimizing the material waste to create an elegant yet functional form.

You can take look at the whole Luminescence catalog here.

luminiscence, alienology, igor knezevic

To be continued...

splitx mad logotype favicon, inspired by the impossible, creative, performance, storytelling, data-driven marketing

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