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The client

Nutrivat is an online nutrition counseling platform and a proud startup member of our SplitX Hub.

Founded by Iva Tokić, an inspiring young science-backed nutritionist, Nutrivat takes into consideration client’s goals, wishes, style of life, and food preferences. To begin with, Iva had one idea in her mind – to educate each and every client individually on their journey with Nutrivat.

Empowered with scientific facts, advanced data analytics and measurements, (and SplitX MAD team of course) – personal diet programs are born!

nutrivat, splitx mad, nutritionist, iva tokic, full-service digital marketing, creative, performance, blueprint



Pure and fresh content.


Conversions growth.


Organic traffic growth.

A personalized diet plan for marketing success


If you need an energy-packed and nutritious day, you start with breakfast. If you want to build an amazing digital brand, you start with a website. We prepared a perfect recipe for a strong brand.

We’ve built Nutrivat a website that fits its image and needs. Fresh, modern, user friendly, and with a lot of “special ingredients”; a perfect way to start your day (sorry, brand).

nutrivat case study 1
nutrivat case study 2


You cannot prepare a fast lunch and expect it to be great. It takes time to marinate so that flavors and results are a mouth-watering experience. Every good lunch begins with garlic and onion to bring out the flavors.

Facebook Ads (garlic) and Google Ads (onion) brought out the flavors here. The goal was to get more people to fill questionnaires.  Since the website was new, ads were a key ingredient to get traffic and conversions.

We are intuitive, yet experienced chefs so we were able to increase web traffic by 550% and conversions by 1150% (infilled and sent diet-plan questionnaires). We used cooking techniques every ad-chef should know, but only the master-ad-chefs are able to properly execute:

  • When you cook ads with love, the results just taste better.

Lunch turned out to be a feast of success so we also wanted to create a snack that will indulge everyone’s taste buds.

Afternoon snack

Data-driven marketing is just like a precisely calculated diet plan, balanced and perfectly optimized. And… the best part of any diet plan is – an afternoon snack. That’s how we came up with Nutrivat Blog!

Yes, we know… what is so innovative about a nutritional blog? Well, when you have a scientist who is tired of reading how her expertise is twisted into click baits and fast weight loss nonsense you get just the right mix of spices to create something different.

Science-based, honesty, and popular topics were what got this blog out there – increasing the organic traffic by 105%. Once a week we write about popular and important nutrition topics. We like it, Iva likes it, and users like it definitively.

nutrivat case study 3
nutrivat, splitx mad, full-service marketing


We didn’t want our dinner to be just a variation of lunch so we’ve created a new meal which has: 100g of a booklet, 50g of sample meal plans and it’s all seasoned with giveaways which are now waiting in the oven for the perfect moment to be served.

Our relationship with Iva gave us the opportunity to create something new for the market. It is different, it is innovative and everything we do is powered by science, just like Nutrivat.

Powered by science

SplitX and Nutrivat developed a great partnership! Their dedication to the website is more than evident and their creative approach brought up our educative and entertaining blog. Their professionalism is seen in their marketing strategies and they're always innovative in their ideas. Not only that, they are the nicest people to work with, always there to help and very supportive. 
nutrivat, splitx mad, iva tokic, full service digital marketing
Iva Tokić
No-Bullshit Nutritionist