A truly non-GMO case study

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The client

The best way to start this story is to list all Bio planet related adjectives. How does zero-waste, organic, healthy, non-GMO, affordable, all-in-one store sound? Unrealistic, we know, but, it’s true.

Bio planet is one-of-a-kind store which offers its buyers everything from spices to face creams. Food, cosmetics and supplements as they are meant to be: healthy, nurturing, organic and from trusted suppliers. The goal is to provide everyone with healthy and organic options for life, while raising eco-awareness. It is truly a one stop shop for every family member.

bio planet case 2

Go natural


Web store revenue growth.


Conversion rate growth.


Organic traffic growth.

How does "organic" marketing look like?

A shop for Mother Nature

Bio planet started its story with a local store in Split. Soon there were 2 and instead of 3rd location, they decided to focus on online. Since the physical stores were growing in sales, the company wanted to offer their products to everyone, regardless of the location. They wanted to provide organic, non-GMO and healthy products to every consumer out there.

Bio planet realized the power, influence, and unlimited options of an online store. This is where we jumped in. A tailored strategy was created, and Bio planet started to bloom. We hate not to brag, so continue reading and you’ll see why.

bio planet case 3
bio planet, splitx mad, case study, performance marketing, content marketing

Mother Nature goes online

We had to raise awareness about the pre-existing webshop in the first place and then boost online sales. It began with performance marketing: paid social advertising and Google search ads.

The second step was to create a social media growth strategy. The idea was to create quality social content aligned with trends and the brand itself. Sounds easy, right? Well, just like with any other organic product we had to put extra effort into the growth strategy.

First, we evaluated the quality of soil (existing social media accounts), after that, we did a lot of research (trends, customer behavior, alignment with plans, proven social media strategies, and upcoming changes in the industry), and then we created a plan.

We were testing several types of content and visuals depending on the season, day of the week, etc. Our favorite part, the metrics, gave us quality insight regarding our followers’ preferences, and each month we continue to publish appealing new content tailor-made for their taste. Bio planet gave us full creative freedom and this resulted in amazing upscale:

  • 3.98x organic traffic growth
  • 2.25x web store conversion rate growth
  • 10.5x web store revenue growth
  • cumulative social media reach and engagement growth on a monthly basis 
  • web store awareness growth via strategic social media content planning

Growing at a faster rate than a bamboo tree, all of the above was achieved in less than one business quarter!

Bio certificate

Switching from brick-and-mortar to online was a new thing for us. We invested a lot to make a web store look good, but had a few visitors and low revenue. Then we met SplitX MAD, and scaling became a real thing.
bio planet, splitx mad, case study, performance marketing, social media management, social media content marketing
Stipe Pleština
From Bio planet