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The client is a Croatian-based online food delivery platform founded in 2013. It’s available on the web, App Store, and Google Play Store, effectively covering all desktop and mobile devices. The platform offers multiple cash and card payment options, as well as corporate catering & office food delivery.

By the way, “dobar tek” in Croatian means “bon appétit”, and there’s your first Croatian lesson! case study, marketing agency, performance marketing, splitx mad

Yummy Facts


Advertising ROAS increase.


App installs increase.


AI-driven advertising implemented.

Now that we got your attention... it's dinner time!

The challenge

2020 was the special year for, among other things, because of the iOS and Android apps release. However, due to the ever-increasing competition, the platform needed to implement an analytical frame that would maximize the marketing value of usage data such as users’ behavior and food preference.

Also, to foster sustainable growth, it was really important to attract new customers via the app and convert existing mobile web users in order to grant them a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

splitx mad, marketing agency,, app install ads, facebook ads, mobile app marketing
splitx mad, marketing agency,, performance marketing

Our recipe for success

If you want to impress the audience, you call the master chef, someone with a Salt Bae level of expertise. That’s how we stepped into the “kitchen” to prepare the ultimate 3-course dinner of digital success. We’ve set up the analytics system and AI-driven method of advertising to capitalize on the existing platform’s user base activity. In short, we built the foundation for ads that are relevant to users in three key aspects: time, behavioral context, and device they use.

After setting up the foundation, we’ve created several dynamic ad campaigns across multiple channels to maximize the ROAS while effectively minimizing the cost per activation, be it the app install or orders via the platform. Everything resulted in 11x higher ROAS across the platform and 60% app installs increase.


We had a pretty clear picture about what we had to do to get the results we wanted, but MAD brought a bunch of secret ingredients to our table, far from just your usual cherry on top. We love the agency − client relationship and synergy, just like the overall taste of our delicious cooperation. Here’s to achieving even more amazing results together in the future!, splitx mad
Anđela Maleš