Google Ads: no website, no problem.

Client: Aesthetic medicine clinic "Dr. GuĆ"
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The client

Dr. Guć speaks and practices simplicity and honesty in his profession – aesthetic medicine. Actually, even his online presence can be described using the same adjectives: simple, honest, and always there for his clients.

Dr. Guć is a social media star. A unique concept of sharing his lifestyle, bits of everyday office fun, and educational content made him popular on Instagram and Facebook. Also, it helps to make aesthetic medicine a no-more-taboo, that’s for certain!

Dr. Guć’s treatments are non-invasive aesthetic procedures that include hyaluronic fillers, botox, and mesotherapy.

dr. guć, splitx mad, performance marketing, ppc, google ads, google my business

Facts for aesthetics


Increase in phone calls on a monthly basis.


The website started to rank on search results 1st page.


Traffic and conversions increase due to PPC.

Time to start the Google treatment!

No website

Dr. Guć doesn’t have a website, and you’re probably asking yourself now “But, why?” Well, let’s put it this way, he doesn’t need it at this point (yet) since sometimes it can be better to grow organically then overdo yourself and fail. However, the main question we had at that moment was – is it possible to run Google Ads and how?
Since we all know that Google Ads are a great performer in the aesthetic medicine industry, we just had to find a way to test them for our doctor. And, yeah, we definitively found a great way – or, let’s say a “treatment” for Google Ads with no website.
dr guc, google ads no website, google my business
dr guc, google ads no website, google my business

No problem

So, here begins the “MAD” treatment! Usually, we would just build a website, but this time we’ve decided to improvise a bit and see what happens. The doctor was all-in, so we were as well. Many people overlook the free website feature Google My Business offers you, which is actually amazing – it ranks great on Google, it is super fast, pre-designed, and well-optimized by default.

So, you can guess it – we’ve built a free GMB website from the existing info and connected it via a 3rd party free tool to Instagram (to fill it up with repost content). Out of blue, there were phone calls from interested clients and email inquiries.

And finally, as the title of this case study says, we ran the ads. Yeah, you can run Google Ads and point them to your GMB free website URL. The results? Well, a 55% traffic increase and an approximately similar increase in conversions from GMB.

All said and done, in the end, we built a real website after all and optimized ads for conversions. However, if you don’t have that resources at your hands, GMB is here to save a day!

Doc's Diagnosis

In my job, I am focused as much as I can. I don’t have time to think about marketing and that is where MAD fits perfectly! They clearly understood my needs from the beginning, and that was very important for me. I am so glad I chose the agency which helped me grow my business while I am doing what I love.
dr guć, splitx mad, google ads
Ivan Guć
The "Doc" Himself