Worldwide cuisine with a dash of MAD spices

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The client

Split as a city has a long history and traditional appreciation for good, quality food. The only thing that was missing was all in one, international deli shop. The Pjaca is the ideal place for all those who wish to prepare delicious traditional meals or try something new. 

The store has everything from spices to knives and one can be quite amazed upon the first visit. Whether you want to prepare traditional Dalmatian tomato sauce or Kung Pao Chicken, you will find the necessary ingredients at Pjaca. 

local deli shop, pjaca, splitx mad

Delicious strategy


Building awareness from zero.


Boosting growth through engagement.


Converting followers to in-store visitors.

Who said 2020 was a bad year to start a business?

Starting from zero

Pjaca was opened in the last quarter of 2020, quite risky considering the given situation. Yet again, the store was a success. Since this was a new business, here at MAD we had an important task.

We had to create a window of opportunity for the store to breach the market. We had to create a social WOM in order to draw customers to visit the store. 

Firstly, we did the market research, defined the strategic approach, and discovered the target group. Afterward, we’ve created Facebook and Instagram accounts. We created visually appealing content and begun with testing several types of posts.

We filmed entertaining videos showing the exact location of the store and locally relevant posts were made specifically to fit the taste of target audience. 

local deli shop, pjaca deli shop, splitx mad, social media content marketing, social media management
local deli shop, pjaca deli shop, splitx mad, social media content marketing, social media management

Improvise, adapt, overcome

Since we are keen on analytics, we were continuously tracking results and adapting our approach accordingly.

We never stop testing different approaches and making small changes in our posts. We create content to fit the followers and we are trying to showcase the fresh ideas from Pjaca.

Every time we pass by the store there are people inside. The store is operating with growing profit and we checked all the boxes on our goals list.

We suggested several improvements both for online and offline upgrades which resulted in even bigger brand awareness. Online and offline do not have to be on opposite sides. This time we used online strictly to grow offline!

And they lived happily ever after

The social media growth strategy we created for Pjaca turned out to be a success. We optimize it on a monthly basis by adding new elements and by collaborating closely with the owners.

Freshly made pasta, sushi, chef on-site, influencer marketing, and recipes are some of the things which made the story whole. Each post is created in reflection to previous results which made the growth strategy happen! 

local deli shop, pjaca deli shop, splitx mad, social media content marketing, social media management

How does it look like?

Delicious, local and international

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