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The client

Optika Anda is a leading Croatian eyewear store. It is the place to go if you’re after the latest fashion trends in both prescription glasses and sunglasses from the leading brands such as Gucci, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Persol, and Ray-Ban.

Optika Anda boasts its own eye clinic equipped with the state of the art technology in ophthalmology and professional medical staff.

The clinic allows customers to book appointments without a hassle both online and in-store.

In short, Optika Anda is the place that embodies the definition of quality, fashion, innovative technology, and top-level ophthalmology.

optika anda, case study, splitx mad, performance marketing, paid social, ppc, google ads, facebook ads

Visible results


CPA (cost per acquisition) decrease


Online appointments increase


AI-driven advertising implemented.

Performance marketing as precise as lens optics.

Pre MAD treatment

Optika Anda is a powerhouse on social media – stylish and on-point with trends, inspiring its followers to enrich their daily outfits with the latest eyewear pieces from popular sunglasses and prescription glasses brands.

Optika Anda puts significant effort into influencer marketing, collaborating with Croatian celebrities such as singer Severina and football player Ivan Rakitic. Influencer marketing and investment in brand ambassadors have built high brand awareness across the Croatian market.

The next logical step in their marketing strategy was to leverage high brand awareness in order to convert all those potential customers. After creating a website where users can book appointments at their in-house eye clinic, Optika Anda was ready for a full-fledged performance marketing campaign. That’s where we’ve stepped in.

optika anda, case study, splitx mad, performance marketing, paid social, ppc, google ads, facebook ads
optika anda, case study, splitx mad, performance marketing, paid social, ppc, google ads, facebook ads

Sharpening it out

We can write 1.000 words of content here, but let’s keep it simple and not strain our eyes or we’ll also need to book an appointment at Optika Anda. The goal was simple as well – maximize online appointments with the right mix of creative, ad networks, and ad delivery optimizations.

So, we’ve ended up with:

  • Ad networks: Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • Creative: leveraging the power of brand ambassadors and brand awareness on the one hand, and dynamic AI-driven personalization of ad assets on the other.
  • Performance strategy: dynamic budget allocation, a set of well-thought-out KPIs (key performance indicators), implementation of proper smart bidding and reporting mechanism.
  • End product: 3.25x CPA decrease (cost per customer acquisition) over previous ad campaigns and 10.5x more online appointments.

The verdict

Would I recommend Ivan and SplitX? Yes! They offer a powerful suite of tools that every performance marketing must-have. They don't sit and wait for you to come up with new ideas, but they are always one step ahead of you thinking - what can be done better? I would say this is a proactive, knowledgeable, and responsible team, easy to work with!
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Eta Krnić
Marketing @ Optika Anda