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Concept Project for SplitX VR Hub
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The situation

We’ve been organizing the SplitX Summit, an annual XR summit for 3 years already – gathering world-renowned experts and VR/AR enthusiasts in our hometown of Split. This year’s situation made us take the next decisive step in using technology to bring us closer than ever.

Apart from the “real world”, we now have the immersive “world of our own” where we can talk, laugh, create, and discuss amazing ideas.

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Virtual world facts


Real-world photogrammetry modeling.


Immersive & branded world of your own.


Expandable in sections.

Let's dive deep into the virtual existence

How is it built?

We’ve made a photogrammetry 3D model of historical Peristyle of Diocletian’s palace and surrounding as the core of this design for the VR hub. It represents the location in the real world where previous SplitX events were held, or rather said a copy of it in our own virtual world.

That photorealistic core is extended with other interactive elements, portals, and chat rooms. VR rooms are embedded in the existing layout of the urban tissue. There are extra modular spaces for further gatherings, that can be sponsor branded and linked to the core area.

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Endless possibilities. Your world.

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