The MAD cycle

Our vision of marketing is data-driven storytelling.
MAD ouroboros
MAD ouroboros
MAD ouroboros




... in a never-ending cycle


Our WHY is the MAD Cycle. We aim to re-define the digital marketing approach by creating data-driven creative content based on storytelling.

Because the product is something that you like, a story is something that you buy, and a data-driven story is something you remember. 


We start by analyzing your deepest desires (oh yeah), combine it with all the data we can get, brainstorm it with the team, test its performance, and repeat.

We are all about strategic approach, we blueprint everything from office supplies to case studies.


It’s difficult for us to explain WHAT we do. It usually is, unless you start with a WHY.

This is a white lie – we are never 100% sure how to explain the ‘’what part’’, so check out ‘’our keywords’’. Maybe that will help. If not, spam us!

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In short – The MAD Cycle marketing approach is a never-ending cycle of blueprinting, creativity, and performance. We plan, create and execute near-perfect creative campaigns and compelling stories based on data and real-time optimizations.

It’s not magic after all, yet data-driven storytelling at its finest. The MAD Cycle, inspired by the impossible.